Hi, I'm a UX/Service Designer and Researcher based in Hong Kong


About me

  • Born and raised in Delhi, India. I have seen products/services transcend social barriers and transform people's lives. Thus solving user problems and designing delightful experiences closely follows my goals of making positive contributions to the society at large.

    I have completed an undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Business Design Innovation at the University of Hong Kong . I work at the intersection of business, design and engineering to create human centred solutions for people's most pressing needs.

    My past experience is in Growth Hacking, Strategy Consulting, UX Design, Software Engineering and Product Management .

    Curriculum Vitae
  • My curiosity for human behaviour and my urge to understand various cultures takes me to a number of places around the globe.

    if you're eager to help me populate more places on this map then - Contact.

  • I write Short Stories, Poetry, Standup sets and sonnets in the Urdu language called Shayari.

    I play the Ukulele, sing too sometimes and experiment with making EDM tracks that have differing likeability.

    Trained in Street Jazz dancing, you can find me pirouette in the club and chasse at a friend's party.

    looking for designer who is also a broadway artist?



My Design methodology is grounded in experimentation and iterative development. The initial idea goes through rounds of research and observation after which it is moved onto the first iteration. Each iteration then takes the form of a prototype or wireframe which is user tested and observed to result in the final designs.